I have switched from slackware to arch recently. The installation process is handy for me. But when I’m using it, problems come:

The first issue is the X window.When I typed startx… arch doesn’t response to my keyboard or mouse any more. All I can do is hold down the power button doing a force power off… How can that be happen? I googled, but no correct answer given. Then I checked the X.log. Aha, seems like the keyboard and mouse driver is missing… Google again, problem was solved by

pacman -S xf86-input-keyboard xf86-input-mouse

truth be told, I really hate this way arch handles X packages. If I’m going to install X, how can you left keyboard and mouse driver apart, and let me get stuck when I’m using X? If I’m a newbie or a little impatient, I’ll certainly give up.

The second issue is getting ibus to work. I have used ibus-pinyin in Fedora, it works like a charm. I really appreciate Huang Peng’s work on that.(Note that in ubuntu 9.10, the default ibus pinyin input method is not ibus-pinyin, and that give ibus a bad name when used by newbies. I don’t know who made this package, It seems like ubuntu ruined everything in 9.10.)
As I choose English locale for desktop, getting Chinese input method to work needs some tricky hand crafts. After installing ibus and ibus-pinyin, it failed to start as expect. I changed LC_CTYPE to zh_CN.UTF-8, then ibus works now, but its icons and language panel do not display.

What’s wrong? It anoyed me two days when I finally decide to kill the ibus-daemon and start it seperately—It works fine after that. I recheck the process: ibus-daemon was initially started with a –xim option, seems like that’s why it can not work properly. I don’t know what’s wrong with the xim option, by fixing it in /etc/xdg/autostart/ibus.desktop seems OK(that is, just ibus-daemon, without the –xim option).

The third issue is ibus doesn’t work in emacs23. And I’m fixing it right now. I have tried to set the locale to zh_CN before invoking emacs, but failed unexpectly. It seems like ibus can’t correctly detect the emacs window. But I’ve no idea how to solve it right now. However, it doesn’t matter much.

I’ve learned a lot by solving issues like these since I began to use Linux.
But now I began to wonder if that’s the right way of playing with computers. Too much time was spend, but very few wealth was created.
Computers are just tools. What makes a great tools depends on how good work can be done with it, not customizing.

I’m feeling a little disappointing on arch.